Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Walkley Award for Fiction

Bren Carlill of AIJAC politely Fisks, dissects and destroys Paul McGeough and the Walkely Award in The Walkley Award for Fiction.

He concludes by asking the same question that many of us are puzzled about and that is why an award for rubbish when there must be some decent journalists working around the country.
Last year was an astounding one for news media. Think of Kevin Rudd’s fall from grace, the federal election, the economic meltdowns in Greece and Ireland, the WikiLeaks saga, and what a flop the final episode of “Lost” was. Surely there were news articles about issues of more importance – news articles with objective, not objectionable, content – news articles with fewer mistakes! The Walkleys are supposed to award fact, not fiction.

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TBS said...

Actually the Walkleys are supposed to be appreciative gestures from journalists to journalists and tell each other how fabulous they are.

It has nothing to do with facts.