Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A letter in today's Sydney Morning Herald correctly condenses it all down to this:-

Grasping the real issue on Israel

There is a great scene in Wall Street, when Gordon Gekko advises his protege to focus on the real issue. "The rest," he says, "is just conversation".

The editorial "Back to Mid-East drawing board" (December 13) depicts Israel's settlements as "the roadblock" to peace. The real issue is the Palestinian leadership's consistent refusal to accept Israel's presence; the rest is just conversation.

Settlements, refugees, borders, Jerusalem can all be discussed once the real roadblock has been removed. The Palestinian people deserve a state - and leaders who will negotiate in good faith.

Vic Alhadeff Chief executive, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Darlinghurst

One can only hope that the people at Fairfax grasp the point he is making because there's been a hell of a lot of irrelevant conversation in their newspapers about the conflict.

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