Monday, December 20, 2010


Over the past month, the Israel bashers have been suffering from attacks of naqbaitis a the release of the WikiLeak cables fails to paint the Jewish State as a Little Satan pulling the Big Satan's strings.

Even the arch prizewinning idiot at Fairfax made a clumsy but failed attempt to paint it as something sinister over a leak which did nothing other than prove an Israeli diplomat's prediction back in the earlier 1990s about Iran's nuclear aims 100% correct. Naturally, the beady eyed idiot and his mates continue to ignore numerous inconvenient WikiLeak revelations.

As it has turned out so far, WikiLeaks have in the main, endorsed Israeli positions on a raft of issues and have not only proven its critics wrong but, in many cases, exposed them as liars.

The Arab states are the ones who have been baying for Iran's blood more than the Israelis. Iran has been exposed as a weapons supplier carring arms in Red Crescent ambulances and not to be trusted. Turkey's PM is corrupt, has eight Swiss Bank accounts and is not to be trusted (except by those fools on the flotilla in which he embedded IHH cutthroats). Sudan's President has $9b stashed away in UK banks.

So the usual suspects have had no choice but to fall back on Plan B - blame the Jews.

Across the internet, they are twittering and bleating about a Zionist conspiracy. The Jews have bought Julian Assange (even though Assange receives the support of many of the celebs of the hate Israel crowd and he has a loopy anti-Semitic liar named Israel Shamir working on his WikiLeak cables back in Russia).

Here's the story - Jews Control Julian Assange: WikiLeaks And Mossad Deal Protects Israel: Report Theorists

What else can I say but enjoy.

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TBS said...

Speaking of antiSemitic and just genenrally psychotic Muslims, here's an update from Europe:

check out the Denmark section in particular...

It's just like reading about thr eNazi takeover in the 40s, except then people were able to name their enemy.
You WON'T find this in the DamAge.