Monday, December 13, 2010


Is there any reason why the Age needs to go to great lengths to tell its readers what everyone already knows?

I mean the fact that Australia's government believes that Iran is a problem and that while it continues to threaten a friend, Israel, there is every chance that the Israelis might launch a preemptive attack before the Iranians have a nuclear weapon that works.

And when the Australian intelligence community warns that Iran should not be seen "merely" as a rogue state, that does not mean that Iran is no longer a danger to regional and international security.

Nor does it mean that the Age should refrain from telling its readers about the WikiLeak revelations about Iran moving weapons around for Hizbullah in ambulances during the 2006 war or about Turkey's PM and his Swiss bank accounts.

Oh dear ... but that's blank page stuff only, is it?

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