Saturday, December 18, 2010


When Paul McGeough received a Walkley for his infamous flotilla propoganda piece, the value of the prize plummeted to the worth of less than one big fat bagel.

Honest Reporting has recognised Fairfax Flotilla groupie Paul McGeough with a front page Op Ed entitled - Australians Reward Shoddy Journalism .

Biased and one-sided reporting of the Gaza flotilla earns one journalist a prestigious award despite the holes in his winning entry.

As demonization and delegitimization of Israel moves further into mainstream media and Western society, writing something negative about Israel, irrespective of its quality or credibility, can be enough to gather accolades.

In the latest example, Sydney Morning Herald correspondent Paul McGeough received the Walkley Award, Australia's version of a Pulitzer Prize, for his coverage of the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara.

I have some objections to the article, particularly with its title.

I'm an Australian and the award of a prize for journalism of this sort was not done in my name.

I accept no part in it and, indeed, I am like many of my fellow Australians repulsed that such Goebellian garbage as that which McGeough produced on the phony flotilla should even be considered as having sufficient merit to be nominated for such a journalistic award.

Honest Reporting states that the Walkleys are prestigious.

Not any more.

I understand that many of these awards are self nominating and that Fairfax is on the board of the Walkley Foundation so we can all understand the precise value of McGeough's Walkley is less than one big fat bagel.


Peter Morphett said...

I don't get it. How can you provide Eye witness reports when you weren't there?

Anonymous said...

"Biased and one-sided reporting of the Gaza flotilla earns one journalist a prestigious award despite the holes in his winning entry."

Your illustration highlights exactly what the holes in the winning entry look liKe.

Pray tell us what came second in the category or was it the only entry?

Anonymous said...

We really need something like Honest Reporting in this country to keep bastards like Fairfax honest.

Anonymous said...

We really need something like Honest Reporting in this country to keep bastards like Fairfax honest

TBS said...

Nothing will keep Fairfax honest.

As for the Walkleys,

Print: Best Print, Wire Service Journalism: News ReportBack to Top
Sponsored by Media Super
Paul McGeough, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Prayers, tear gas and terror”

Paul McGeough and his Sydney Morning Herald colleague, photographer Kate Geraghty, were the only English language reporters to secure places aboard the Gaza Aid Flotilla on its fateful voyage through the Mediterranean. McGeough’s instinct that it would prove more than a quiet cruise proved tragically accurate when Israeli commandos attacked the six ships in the early hours of May 31, triggering a bloody assault aboard the Mavi Marmara. McGeough and Geraghty were taken to an Israeli prison, where McGeough interviewed dozens of activists about the attack and its aftermath. His reports took readers inside a crisis that might have been hidden from the world.

A former editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, Paul McGeough has served as a foreign correspondent for much of the last two decades and is currently chief correspondent at the paper. This is his seventh Walkley award.

Judges’ comments

Courageous journalism, writing excellence and newsworthiness are all profoundly evident. He put himself in harm’s way to tell of the drama that unfolded in international waters. The commitment to the process and the degree of difficulty made this entry a standout.

Don't you love this? "hidden from the world!"
Like NO-ONE else wrote anything about these Muslim Brotherhood thugs except PM! Not Turkish TV, not the IsraeliSpokesperson site, not other newsmedia,
Only the great liar and Palestinian-American gf F***** Paul M was capable of bringing this to the world!

Since his gf is Palestinian activists I can well imagine he thought it would be more than a "quiet cruise"! The Turkish-funded union of Good, connectedx with the Muslim Brotherhood groups including Hamas would be well responsible for that!

Here are the advisory board members:

judging criteria for PM's category print journalism:

News report: In this category, up to three related news items may be entered. Judges are particularly looking for courageous journalism, as well as writing excellence, accuracy, storytelling, newsworthiness, ethics, research, impact and public benefit.

Newspaper feature writing and magazine feature writing: Keeping in mind the parameters of the medium, creativity, originality and writing flair will be highly regarded in this category, in addition to the general criteria.

TBS said...

Judging criteria and judges available of the Walkleys page

Reasons for giving an "award" to a lying prat with a palestinian American activist girlfriend here: