Monday, August 24, 2009


Swedish Foreign Minister Herr Carl Bildt

Sweden's largest newspaper, Aftonbladet, recently published an article claiming that Israel's army deliberately has deliberately kidnapped and murdered Palestinian civilians cut out and sell their organs to sick people needing transplants. The story, by Donald Bostrom, is based on Palestinian sources and its author admits that he has no evidence other than the word of his informants but says it is up to Jews and Israelis to prove themselves innocent.
The story is simply too absurd for words and Bostrom is being more than disingenuous when he claims Jews are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. When Jews and Israel are accused by neighbours who might have lying on their agendas, there is no rule of law. They are singled out in a special way and the standards that apply to allegations of Jewish behaviour are different to the standards that apply to others. That's called "racism" in my book and this appalling practice has regrettably, become widespread across the world and including in Australia where we have one local broadsheet which is a serial offender in that whilst it constantly highlights accusations made against Israel, it ignores actual evidence of wrongdoing and hatemongering from its enemies.
The Israeli government is now considering taking legal action against the reporter for libel Israel may sue Swedish paper over IDF slur. It really is about time these shonks were taken to task and perhaps an action for criminal libel could even be undertaken on the basis that Bostrom and his newspaper have committed a reckless criminal act against the Jewish and Israeli people. I suppose we might even claim that it's up to them to prove their innocence.

It's bad enough when a newspaper makes these allegations but the ridiculous double standard applied by the Swedish government demonstrates how Europe is now quacking hypocritically in its boots for fear of offending its growing Muslim minorities. When Swedish Embassy in Israel described the Aftonbladet report report as “appalling”, the Swedish Foreign Ministry went catatonic and a spokeswoman began frothing at the mouth about how the "Swedish government is committed to freedom of the press." - In Sweden, silence is golden - just ask FM Carl Bildt.

This is the same Swedish government interfered to pressure newspapers and internet to censor the Danish cartoons a few years back.
Double standards, hypocrisy and racism. Sweden is now back in the Stone Ages.


Anonymous said...

mass Muslim immigration to Scandinavia increasing antisemitism and anti Zionism go hand in hand.

Remember the swedes were the Steel suppliers to the Nazi war machine and there was a Swedish Nazi party, nothings changed.

G. Fink said...

They're so very eager to blame Jews for everything these cretins yet they ignore the fact that the main Palestinian political groups openly advocate destruction of Israel and killing Jews.

I hope the Israelis take their legal action. The al dura case proved that the Palestinian propaganda machine can't overcome proper and genuine legal scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder the most numerous new immigrants to Israel are coming from France a country with 6 Million Muslims and growing.
Scandanavia not far behind and Londonastan the capital of the Islamists terror central.

Will Jews recognize the second time around the Grey clouds of antisemitism hovering over their heads or will they once again naively rely on their European so called civilized neighbors to save them?

the conditions are similar only the enemy is slightly different this time instigated by Arab/Muslims living in Europe who have aligned them selves with Socialists and the traditional anti Semitic Europeans. The UN , Haman rights organizations and NGOs are paving the way this disaster to unfold.

They are using Israel as the front for their racism,intolerance { violence in the case of Muslim extremists] and it is only a question of time before one single event either in the Middle east or Europe to ignite the firestorm.

Unfortunately Jews have a precedent to go by and it would be a brave or stupid person to argue this could never happen again.