Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is not just some dipstick who loses his pants when travelling overseas and then comes up with some of the most improbable excuses for the absence of his attire.

No. He's a far bigger idiot than that as attested by his op ed contribution in today's Melbourne Age - The isolation of Hamas is impeding peace. The Fairfax people shamelessly accepted his contribution which is nothing more than an apology for one of the most vicious and dangerous terrorist organisations on earth.

Hamas is as much bad news for the Palestinians who it controls in Gaza as it is for the Israelis who it seeks to obliterate.Fraser ignores the Hamas Charter, the terrorism, the hate filled racist incitement and the disgusting indoctrination of children on Hamas television and would have us believe that his cutthroat mates are nothing but a bunch of boy scouts.

The man deserves a rocket in one of those places that were exposed that night in New Orleans when he, ... er had what the boys call, “ a big night out”.

Shame on him!

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