Friday, August 28, 2009


Leading American attorney, Professor Alan Dershowitz exposes as lies the Aftonbladet blood libel against the Jews and the questions the Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt's refusal to condemn the "undocumented and highly volatile accusation" - Sweden's refusal to condemn 'organ libel' is bogus.

And just to highlight the fact that the Swedes are in this up to their necks there's this post following the blog from a reader Jack Schwartz
Prof Dershowitz, The Israeli Hebrew paper Ma`ariv reported the other day that the same author, Donald Bostrom, had published a book back in 2001 that contained some of the same libelous "organ harvesting" charges as are found in his recent article. This book, entitled Inshallah, was subsidized by the Swedish foreign ministry. So the problem is not merely that Bildt now refuses to condemn the offensive article but that his ministry financed publication of similar charges eight years ago. Hence it appears that Sweden's foreign ministry thought that it had an interest in publshing such libels

As I have already said - Sweden has arrived in the Stone Age.

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