Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stop the Presses

When I looked this morning there was a breaking news item in the on line edition of the Melbourne Age concerning anti-terror raids being conducted in Melbourne's northern suburbs. The report seems to have disappeared now (it's back in a sanitised form here) but radio reports indicate that Federal and State police arresting Australian Islamic nationals of Somali and Lebanese background in an extensive counter-terrorism operation.

Melbourne has a large Islamic population of mostly peace loving and law abiding citizens and this news unfortunately does not bode well for them. Hopefully, their leadership will prove that it is of a higher calibre than Krysar Trad who was described last week by a Justice of the NSW Supreme Court as a "dangerous" and "disgraceful individual" and they come out immediately to condemn terror and violence in all forms.

We can only hope they resist the Trad line of spin doctoring every situation and they don't follow the line of burying their heads in the sand and issuing apologies for these evil people.

The media could assist by refraining from the publication of such disgusting and disingenuous whitewashes of terrorism as that which was perpetrated in the weekend's Sunday Age item on this Fatah member who was painted as a boy scout by its Guardian correspondent.

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