Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playing the Nazi card is vile and pathetic, but hardly illegal

An interesting Op Ed article in the Australian by Brendan O'Neill argues that playing the Nazi card is vile and pathetic, but hardly illegal.

I tend to agree with much of what he says. Playing the Nazi card is the resort of scoundrels and liars but rather than make it illegal to raise the allegation, it is far better to expose this boorish practice for what it is - a "childish, unthinking expression of cheap political outrage".

We saw the best and most recent example of playing the Nazi card in Caryl Churchill's pathetic 8 minute piece of agitprop "Seven Jewish Children" which had the anti-Israel crowd including reporters from our local broadsheet in Melbourne salivating at the opportunity to do some Jew bashing. If only those shameless Jews who involved themselves in the Australians for Palestine propaganda festival that accompanied the play reading read O'Neill's piece, they might come one day come to their senses.

If they have any!

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