Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scoop: Swedes Harvest Norwegian Fishermen’s Feet.

Thanks to Modernity blog for this sensational news story hot off the presses - Scoop: Swedes Harvest Norwegian Fishermen’s Feet.

In an article in the opinion section of the paper’s Website Sunday afternoon, a journalist under a pseudonym penned a story, complete with dateline, research and witness accounts in quotation marks, alleging that Sweden, in an effort to compete with salmon products from neighboring Norway, harvested the feet of Norwegian fishermen to extract the secret ingredient that – according to the article – makes the Swedish salmon dish more palatable: the fungi growing on Norwegian fishermen’s feet.

The Yediot story even names the Swedish army’s secret unit whose job it is to harvest the organs: Stinkande strumpor [Swedish for 'smelly socks']


And it was only yesterday that I made the comment about how Sweden had sunk back into the Stone Ages.

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