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Sorry I missed it (even if it was only by a couple of days) but terrorist leader Yasser Arafat celebrated his birthday this week. Not that he was in a position to do much celebrating given that for almost four years he's been keeping company only with the worms that slither around under his Ramallah mausoleum.

Fortunately for old Yasser who would have turned 80 on 24 August, someone at Al Age hasn't forgotten him. That person placed a birthday notice in honour of Chairman-rais Arafat's big day with a carefully worded notice under Today's Birthdays as follows:-


Never giving up hope, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat spent his life fighting for an independent Palestinian state. He was born on August 24, 1929, in Cairo, Egypt(although this is disputed). Arafat's earliest memory was of British soldiers breaking into the family home and beating members of his family. At 19. he went to Palestine to fight against the Jews, before returning to university after the defeat of the Arabs. In 1958 he founded the Al-Fatah movement and in 1964 he established the Palestinian Liber­ation Organisation. In 1993, Arafat signed the Oslo Accords, a peace agreement which allowed Palestine to hold elections. In 1994, he received the NobelPeace Prize, and two years later was elected presi­dent of the Palestinian Authority. In 2002, Israeli president Ariel Sharon ordered that Arafat be con­fined to his Ramallsh home. He remained confined for two years until his death on November
11, 2004, aged 75, He had one daughter with his wife Suba Tawil.

Excuse me a second while while I vomit.


How very typical of the folks at Fairfax to wax lyrical about Yasser, the racist hatemongering, lying, mass murderer and thief who looted billions from his own people before leaving it after his demise (most probably from aids) to his family who still live in plush European villas.

It's beyond comprehensive how the Arab lobbyists who prepared this piece of utter bilge could possibly have left all the meaty stuff about this criminal in the paper's blank pages out of everyone's view?

One of the foreign editors at the newspaper is a Palestinian; surely he knows the truth about Arafat?

I can understand a member of the Arafat fan club wishing to distance him from the other nasties who have held leadership positions among the Palestinians; Nazi hugging thugs like Hadj Amin El Husseini, Achmed Shukeiry who frothed at the mouth and like a Dalek spewed hate filled invective and threatened to exterminate the Jews, the two faced Holocaust denying mobster Abbas and Haniyeh the Hamas genocide man but please give us all a break!

Arafat was in a league of his own amid this rogue's gallery yet look at how he's feted by the Age. The item does concede that the circumstances of his birth are disputed but fails to mention his role in terror over five decades during which he was responsible for the deaths of far more of his own people than of Jews. It fails to mention that while he signed the Oslo Accords, he never did anything to honour them, that he initiated the Second Intifada replete with murder and suicide bombings and that he lied, cheated and stole his way to a fortune at the expense of his own people. And while the Age has no qualms about describing some Israeli leaders as "militant", "hawkish" or "right wing", it fails to mention the admiration Arafat held for Husseini who assisted Hitler and Eichmann in planning the final solution of the Jews during the Second World War.

And of course, Al Age never even deigned to concede that Arafat shared his dubious peace prize with two Jews who were truly sincere in their quest for peace when they shook hands with the miserable little jerk on the White House lawns in 1993.

There's an item in today's Australian about how Fatah's 'moderates' still rejoice in their founder's terrorism which correctly asks whether the Arafat is "any relation to the guy in the "Today's Birthday" column in The Age yesterday?"

My oath he is and this birthday column will go down in the history of infamous journalism. The anonymous piece was beautifully parodies in Andrew Bolt's blog by a contributor who came up with a birthday notice for the Fuehrer in the Al Age style as follows:-


Never giving up hope, German leader Adolf Hitler spent his life fighting for an independent Reich. He was born in Austria in 188? and Hitler’s earliest memory was of the Jews disenfranchising his neighbors and family. In his 20s he went to the western front to fight against the allied Jewish imperialists before returning to Germany on that countries defeat to sow the seed of hatred against the Jews who he blamed for the axis powers losing the war. He suffered at the hands of the democratically elected government of Germany, was imprisoned and wrote a book
about how terrible the Jews are. He was released and founded the NAZI movement. He was elected to the German leadership and Adolf Hitler received great praise as he showed off his new Germany during the 1936 Olympic. He signed the Czech agreement to try and prevent a world war and guarantee world peace though that ambition was thwarted again by the Jews and WW2 eventuated. He died in 30th April 1945 together with his wife Eva Hitler-Braun.


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