Monday, August 03, 2009

The hatred of a "peace lover".

It's not hard to see through Australians for Palestine mouthpiece Sonja Karkar in today's Australian letters blog. Full marks to her for attempting to create a new mythology on how the Palestinians, whose currently elected leadership is Hamas, are pure white, peacedriven doves but her blind hatred of Israel always gives her away. What she says in her attempt to spin the Palestinians as the sole victims is utter bullshit!

I like the contribution of Fester who responds like this:-
Australians who are genuinely for peace in the Middle East are for Palestinians and are also for Israelis. At present there are many impediments to peace on both sides. High on the list, the Israelis must stop building settlements and the Palestinians must recognise Israel’s right to exist.

Sonja, it is true that in 1988 Arafat hinted that he may alter the PLO charter to accept Israel’s right to exist, but in 21 years no one seems to have gotten around to typing up any such changes. Also I checked on Hamas Charter just last night and they definitely didn’t get the memo. There is no room for Israel or Jews in their thinking. Even Rotary, Lions and Freemasons get a workout in their charter.

Sonja, call me a bleeding heart, but my heart bleeds for the tragedy in the Middle East. In my opinion, the biggest impediment to peace are the fanatics on both sides who say they want peace, but wholly on their own terms. Clearly a two state solution is the only way forward. And that requires compromise.

In the search for peace it is also futile to dwell on the past and who did what to whom 5, 10, 60 or 2000 years ago. The only issue worth debating is what do we do now. I’m sorry to say, Sonja, when I read your letter, which only criticises one side and offers absolutely no solution, I despair that you and your Australians For Palestine organisation are part of problem and not the solution. When someone founds a group of Australians for Peace in The Middle East made up of Israelis, Palestinians, Jews and Muslims who are prepared to focus on dismantling both the weapons and the hatreds on both sides, I’ll be thrilled to join. How about you Sonja?

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Anonymous said...

Read the Hamas charter and you will see why there will never be peace between Muslims and Jews, Christians, Budhists,Hindus, Ba'hais or other non Muslims read in particular No. 11 of their Racist charter where they call for a ''Islamic state of Palestine'' along with Sharia law...

Hamas according to Palestinians have been democratically elected and are popular amongst their people.

No wonder the Jordanians through out the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world either keep them in refugee camps or use them as cheap labour