Friday, December 14, 2012


The Age seems to have woken up to itself and allowed a response to Leunig's obscenities which it tried to pass of as art.

The opinion piece  by Nick Dyrenfurth Leunig, your provocative use of Nazi analogies is so tiresome is well written, well thought out and covers all the bases but he's being far too polite and probably taking into account the cartoonist's unusual sensibilities.

Not to mention that if he went any further, the Age probably wouldn't publish it or would heavily censor it as it has done recently with other correspondence about its favourite resident Jew basher cartoonist.

And Leunig is not only a Jew basher from way back but he has a record of trying to justify his attacks with gobbledygook, like this rant from back in 2006 - Australian cartoonist on Israel.

When I first read the headline I swear I thought it said Australian con artist on Israel and, as I read through his rambling duck drek of a foamy mouthed rant, I couldn't help but be amused (which is what good cartoonists aspire to, isn't it).

I mean, get a load of his final paragraph:-
If society no longer wants troublesome, disturbing cartoonists who take improbable positions, so be it. But let's not hear any more of Pastor Martin Neimoller's lament: "First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew." What sort of a person will dare to speak out? Probably not a perfect one. Maybe even an idiot.
So there you have it. Leunig is not only a nasty piece of work and a hypocrite to boot but by his own admission, he's an idiot too!

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Anonymous said...

No surprise the Al' Karkar and her Palestinian Lobby are celebrating Leunigs ongoing attacks against the Jews , pity she won't be celebrating a state of their own any time soon whilst Israel thrives.
Israelis should just build their anti suicide bomber barrier higher and longer and let the barbarians fight amongst them selves.