Saturday, September 24, 2011


There's a Walkely in the waiting for an enterprising, creative journalist (preferabley from the Fairfax organisation) who can take this story and milk it for all it's worth.

Breaking news from Turkey is that PM Erdogan has seized a Syrian-flagged ship and will intercept any arms shipments headed to Syria - Turkey seizes Syrian ship, announces arms embargo
Speaking to reporters in New York late on Friday where he attended the UN General Assembly, Erdogan said Turkey had stopped a Syrian-flagged ship in Marmara, according to state-run Anatolia News Agency. It did not indicate whether the ship was stopped in the Sea of Marmara or the port of Marmara.

Erdogan did not say when the ship was seized or whether any weapons were found aboard.

"We have already made a decision to stop and prevent any vehicle carrying any type of weapon to Syria. We told them our decision as well as shared it with neighboring countries," Anatolia quoted Erdogan as saying.

This is the same Erdogan who was recent pilloried in the Palmer Report for knowingly allowing IHH terrorists to board the ill fated 2010 Gaza flotilla to confront the Israelis and prevent them from conducting their own embargo on arms suppliers who threatened Israeli citizens.

Erdogan has one law when fellow Muslims are being murdered and a different one altogether when people are targeted because they live in a Jewish State.

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