Saturday, May 14, 2011


The Age had a little dig at a Yiddish language newspaper that erased Hillary Clinton's image from the situation room photograph of White House officials watching the assassination of Osama bin Laden in real time - Paper erases Clinton from history.

The US newspaper did it for reasons of modesty.

I wonder what reason the Age has for regularly airbrushing the bad deeds of the Hamas terrorists from their newspaper.

Readers of this blog know full well that the Age has form in blocking out the history of Palestinian terrorism. The notorious six page Good Weekend liftout of a Paul McGeough article lionising the ISM "movers and shakers" that passed without a mention of Hamas but managed to include the lie about Mohamed al Dura being murdered by Israeli fire because Fairfax belatedly came out with a microscopic item a few days later saying that the error was due to some sort of an editing problem.

These guys are as much of a joke as the Yiddish boys in the states but they don't realise it.

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