Thursday, July 29, 2010


A call to boycott Israeli-made Ahava products in a Maryland beauty supply store backfired last week when pro- Israel activists countered by purchasing the shop’s entire Ahava inventory - Pro-Israel shoppers defy Ahava products boycott call

The idiots involved in these moves to boycott Israel are wasting their time and, in many cases, their money.

I heard this week of a church group which decided to divest itself of its shares in an Israeli company but their timing was bad because the company's shares have skyrocketted since the divestment costing the boycotting group millions.

Of course, the boycotts aren't hurting Israel whose recent gas finds have added billions to the country's many assets which makes the whole boycott enterprise nothing less than an irritating pimple on the country's backside.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend Ahava products and will buy them whenever I see a stall in a shopping centre. Looking forward to more boom sales in the future.

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