Friday, May 14, 2010

Palestinians architects of their own misery

Bren Carlill's sage words about the Palestinian catastrophe which is one of their own making Palestinians architects of their own misery :

Palestinians are the only people on Earth that use, as their national day, someone else's independence day. Tomorrow is Nakba Day. "Nakba" means catastrophe in Arabic, and the "catastrophe" they commemorate is the establishment of Israel.

Of course I would go even further because in truth, the real catastrophe from the Palestinian point of view is the failure of the Arab armies supported by the Palestinian leadership of the time to massacre the Jews in the region. That was their stated aim at the time and no amount of massaging of the truth by their spin doctors will change history and fact.

Not even some of the deluded individuals who show their ignorance with some of the comments below the article which bear no relation to the true facts.

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