Monday, December 07, 2009

A Blank Page Experience

Tom Gross is the former Jerusalem correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph. In today's Guardian, he tells a story about how Israelis and Palestinians are building peace on the West Bank away from the interference and meddling of world powers. The picture he paints in Building peace without Obama's interference is far different from that which the Israel bashers would like us to see, not only of the West Bank but also of Gaza.

Although this article appears in the Guardian it's not what I would expect to read in the Melbourne Age while Jason Koutsoukis remains under the influence of the so-called "Peace Now" crowd in Israel. We read nothing in that newspaper of the growing prosperity in the West Bank.

Nor do we see images such as the one above which is one of many from Gaza depicted on the PalToday website that carry captions reading "Despite the blockade, Gazans go shopping for clothes for their children" and "Making cakes and buying sweets in preparation for the feast".

The Age and many others are either happy for their readers to believe that the Gazans are living in poverty and deprivation as a result of the "evil" Israeli blockade or totally ignorant of the true facts on the ground. Makes you wonder whether it's worth paying good money to have journalists swanning around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and where they get their ideas from.

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Anonymous said...

Some Guardian readers are aboslute idiots.

"Just because he's told the Palestinian stock market is the second best performing stock market in the world doesn't mean its true."

That's one Israel hater's best shot.

Sick, isn't it.