Thursday, July 30, 2009


The terrorists in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades have threated Sacha Baron Cohen after he portrayed them as ... um ... er, terrorists in the film Bruno - Sacha Baron Cohen threatened by Palestinian terrorists over Bruno film.

It's all in keeping with the policy of blackmail and racism being employed by Palestinian groups these days to demonise and deligitimise the Jewish State. They're even seeking to bludgeon a 74 year old Jew - Leonard Cohen - into cancelling his proposed singing tour of Israel later this year. Cohen had also planned a concert for Palestinian prisoners but that was cancelled because Cohen was also going to entertain his Israeli plans on the same tour.

Hopefully, Cohen will take the same prinicipled stand that was taken by the Melbourne International Film Festival which refused to be browbeaten by Ken "Cock" Loach into withdrawing support of an Israeli film. The terrorists and their enablers should not be given the opportunity to spread messages of war and hate within the context of any artistic endeavour. They are repulsive and deserve to be treated only with contempt.

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