Thursday, July 03, 2008


Bradley Burston writes a column in Haaretz entitled a Special Place in Hell. Today, he asks about Palestinian terrorism and whether it is a natural act.

What, exactly, is a decent person supposed to think?

On a quiet and clear morning in Jerusalem, a woman is driving toward the heart of the city, her infant with her in the car. There is nothing to fear.

It is not a military area, it is not a sector of occupation, it is not a settlement - Jews have lived and worked here for more than a century. Jewish doctors and nurses were treating Arab infants, women, the elderly and the infirm here as early as 1902, when Shaare Tzedek Hospital opened across the street.

There is nothing to fear.

Except for the man behind the wheel of a bulldozer, who has taken it upon himself to kill Jews.

I think the question must also be asked of all those apologists for terrorism in the media and elsewhere. What, exactly, is a decent person supposed to think about this or about the deeds of Sami Kuntar the psychotic butcher of innocent civilians who is about to be exchanged for the corpses of Israeli soldiers and some information from Hizbullah about the whereabouts of others taken captive? It's a rhetorical question so the Pilgers, the Fisks and the Loewensteins of this world needn't bother deigning to answer.


Anonymous said...

Naomi Ragen puts it well:-

"To live in Jerusalem is to face the fact that here, in the holiest city in the world, there are vast numbers of inhabitants who are the kind of human beings willing, able, and committed to performing acts of sickening bloodshed, breaking every rule that human beings have created for themselves or learned or been taught. Worse, they involve G-d in their offenses, desecrating His name and His city in their maniacal search for the ultimate act of barbarism to promote their religion/ politics/ personal agenda."

Anonymous said...

What is disturbing and a question that should be asked more often is
'how do Palestinians,Arabs and Muslims justify their violence for political reasons''whether it be the Palestinian terror/tories,Chechnya,Kashmir ,Sudan ,Lebanon and the dozens of other ongoing global conflicts involving Islamists . Why do the left [including Jewish left] keep justifying all this violence as the act of desperation et etc ..Don't the left understand by continuing to justify Palestinian and Islamic violence these people will continue to cause chaos around the globe and only encourages them to more violence as a means to blackmail their opponents..

Why is it only the non left that believe suicide bombings,kidnappings,beheading and all the other acts of barbarity being carried out by these people are not justified under any circumstances what so ever..

Ghandi proved that you can achieve results with out violence, the Muslim world need to take a lesson from this..and the left need to wake up to them selves they are part of the problem..


Anonymous said...

It's Samir Kuntar. Not as you have written.

Anonymous said...

Was Naomi Ragen talking about Palestinian terrorists or Israels leadership?

Anonymous said...

Very funny anonymous 2:51pm.

No doubt you already have a poster of that bloody bulldozer driving Palestinian on your wall and get off over it every night!