Saturday, November 03, 2007


This is how Palestinian terrorists collectively punish their own people as well as their neighbours - by firing mortars from school buildings at civilian targets across the border in Israel and inviting the inevitable strong response. The video clearly shows the elementary school and the red circle tracking the terrorists as they prepare to fire the mortars. Military officials said Israeli forces withheld fire, fearing civilians would be harmed. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility but Hamas which controls Gaza did nothing to prevent the attacks or arrest the perpetrators even though they were endangering the lives of innocent civilians on both sides. Hamas has vowed to destroy the Jewish state and kill Jews everywhere.

Tragically, the media largely ignores activities such as this but you can bet that some will come out of the woodwork when Israel is forced to take measures to protect its own citizens against these atrocities, measures such as closing border crossings and curtailing supplies of power and water.

And it will only be then that we will hear complaints about the oppression of the poor Palestinians - but never in the context of the behaviour of their own leaders who are involved up their necks in such acts of sheer barbarism and the attackers will continue to be called "militants" or even "freedom fighters" by their apologists in the media.

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Pardon me for asking the bleedingly obvious question but where's Mr. O'Loughlin hiding at the moment?