Monday, July 30, 2012


According to the PA and its acolytes, this is a picture of a Palestinian "militant" doing his bit for international peace and harmony at Munich 1972

Nothing could be more outrageous and yet disappointing than the insistence on the part of the Palestinian leadership and their various lobby groups on revising totally the history of the Middle East.

The latest outrage came last week when the Palestine Authority gave its thanks to the IOC for refusing a memorial to the victimes of the Munich massacre even describing Israel's move as "racist". This is disgraceful given particularly that the PA leader Mahmoud Abbas is said to have been behind the financing of the massacre and his organisation's continued celebration of suicide bombers and mass murderers of Israelis whilst claiming to be committed to the peace process which he shuns at every opportunity.

The left wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz debunks this lie here.

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