Wednesday, August 01, 2012


A letter to the Oz -

All blood is sacred

NO, Rachel Birati (Letters, 31/7) Israeli blood is not cheap. It is a sacred commodity - as is the blood of every other person.

Why not a minute's silence for the victims of Russia's invasion of Afghanistan? Or for Jesse Owens and his bravery in Berlin? Or Jim Thorpe - robbed not so much for his profession but his heritage.

Perhaps the call for a moment of remembrance would receive greater support if one group didn't consistently try to claim a monopoly on suffering.

Stephen Morgan, Runcorn, Qld

Firstly, none of the others mentioned by Stephen Morgan were murdered whilst under the auspices of the Olympic Movement.

Secondly, nobody made a request to commemorate these people at the Olympics.

Thirdly, who has ever tried to claim a monopoly on suffering?

Because the answer to the third point is clearly, not the Jews or Israelis, I think that what is wrong with Morgan is that he holds a deep seated grudge against the Jewish people.

And we know what that is commonly called.

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