Monday, August 27, 2012


Ruth Pollard's supposed expose on Israeli soldiers' treatment of Palestinian children might have some credibility, particularly if the testimonies weren't anonymous - Ruth Pollard reports from Ramallah in the West Bank.

It would have even more credibility if she ever deigned to report on how Hamas and the Palestine Authority treats its own people and if she ever once reported on the racism, threats to commit genocide against the Jews and the praise heaped on terrorist murderers from the Palestine Authority.

As usual, Pollard's blinkered report evades any of the criticism of the activist group Breaking the Silence such as this piece from Camera dating back to 2009. In it, reference is made to an article which attempts to bolster allegations that Israel was guilty of war crimes by using Palestinian human shields:-

Opening with a first person account of a Palestinian who alleges he was used as a human shield by Israeli soldiers, Wood claims that “this same incident was described by one of the Israeli soldiers who spoke to Breaking the Silence.” He suggests that because similar allegations were made by someone purporting to be an Israeli soldier who served there (although this is not independently verifiable) , they must be true. He explains:

Until now, the Israeli army always had a ready answer to allegations that war crimes were committed during its offensive in Gaza. Such claims were, they said, Palestinian propaganda. Now, though, the accusations of abuse are being made by Israeli soldiers.

The problem is, however, that this testimony was not based on the soldier's first hand experience, but on what was told to him by others. And, in fact, this story has been refuted by the officer of the Golani Brigade who said that a probe of that brigade's conduct during the war found that no such incidents had occurred.
At the point when we see some context to Pollard's stories and they might actually take on the appearance of something other than propaganda.

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