Thursday, August 23, 2012

Response of the Week

The Australian Financial Review routinely gives the Palestinian Lobby Group Australians for Palestine automatic right of reply to anything it publishes that is remotely related to Israel.

As many have noted, this lobby group does nothing for Palestinians and is more about vilification of Israel and Israeli Jews (often with the support Austalia's own anti-Zionist hate lobby).

Yesterday AFP spokeperson had a particularly vile piece published in the AFR. Here's a brief but to the point response to his hate filled rant.

Moammar Mashni (Letters, August 22) is passionate about alleged Israeli policy. What he fails to concede is that from inception Israel has been faced with an existential threat that beggars comparison. Terrorist attacks, the intifada and a persistent rejection of their rights to exist have all shaped everyday Israelis’ responses to violence, racial hatred and geopolitical enmity. The Druze, Bedouin and Christian Arab members that fight alongside their Jewish fellow citizens know enough of the source of aggression in the region.

Noel Hadjimichael Roseville NSW

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