Saturday, July 21, 2012

Israelis resigned to fresh wave of terror

The comparisons between decent journalism and the agenda stuff we read only too often in today's media is highlighted by John Lyons in today's Australian - Israelis resigned to fresh wave of terror after Bulgarian attack.

The report tells it as it is without the necessity of having to resort to the tasteless rubbish we received from Ruth Pollard in the Age last when when the dead had yet been buried and she couldn't resist the temptation to bury her fangs into Israel's Prime Minister for his "bellicose" attacks on the holocaust denying, anti-Semitic Iranian regime which supports Hizbullah and the Syrian butcher who has no qualms about murdering his own people.

Pollard forgot to tell the whole truth about why Netanyahu was "bellicose". Lyons doesn't have to do anything other than cover the facts in a fair and honest manner.

That's what we expect from a journalist.

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