Thursday, July 26, 2012


A report commissioned for the World Bank Entitled "Towards economic sustainability of a future Palestinian State: Promoting Private Sector-Led Growth paints a sad picture for the people of the region."

Among other things, its says that the Palestinian Authority has "made less progress in developing a sustainable economic base", it has become increasingly dependent upon this donor assistance to fund its basic operations and it is unlikely that even with significant growth that it will be able to support administration of current size.

On the other side, the Hamas controlled Gazan economy, whilst nowhere near the open air prison suffering as a result of the alleged Israeli blockade (the Egyptians are now opening their border), is heavily dependent upon hand outs from the UN and the support of UNRWA.

The dependency upon others has inevitably led to widespread corruption and misuse of donated funds whilst a significant amount of money and effort is being put into arming terrorist groups committed to the destruction of their neighbour, Israel.

This is yet another scandal that is unlikely to be exposed in the world's media and certainly not those who routinely sweep such bad news about the Palestinians under the carpet.

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Anonymous said...

Palestinians are nothing more than bloodsuckers always with their hands out for charity.. is it any wonder none of there brothers Arab neighbors[ i.e The lebos keep them in Camps and the Jordanians booted them out ] wants anything to do with them other then use them as cannon fodder and as an excuse for Arabs to keep fighting the Jews.