Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Ongoing War

I recently commented on article in the Australian newspaper on prepartions by Israel for a fresh wave of terror in the wake of the massacre in Bulgaria.

One of the Israelis quoted in the John Lyons article is Arnold Roth, originally from Melbourne whose daughter Malki, 15, was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the Sbarro pizza restaurant bombing in Jerusalem. He and his wife Frimet now run a foundation in Malki's name that raises money for disabled children so they can be cared for at home. It gives help to both Jewish and Arab children. They also run a blog This Ongoing War that documents well the reign of terror against Jews in Israel which many in the media simply refuse to recognise as existing at all.

Here, he asks not only how involved in terror against Israelis and Jews are the Iranians but he answers it very clearly in yet another indictment on those who routinely ignore the racism and the threats against the Jewish people emanating from the Iranian leadership and transmitted throughout the Middle East by their terrorist proxies in Hizbullah and Hamas.

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