Thursday, July 19, 2012

Israelis Die and Israel is "bellicose"

The headline says "Six dead in attack on Israelis in Bulgaria" but the Age's Ruth Pollard couldn't resist the opportunity to refer to Israel's allegedly "increasingly bellicose rhetoric over Iran’s nuclear program" in her article on the murderous attack on civilians.

Never mind that so much of the bellicose rhetoric that has emanated in the past year from Iran's Islamic dictators, its puppets in Hizbullah and other acolytes in the Middle East with their anti-Semitic incitement and warmongering have gone unreported by the newspaper's "Middle East Bureau Chief".

The disrespect for the dead is palpable and sickening but no less than sickening than the Fairfax disrespect for Palestinians persecuted within the Arab world, about which I will have more to say tomorrow.


Trout said...

These murders tell us that we mustn't allow the apologists for terrorism in politics and the media to soften peoples views on what these bastards are.

It is now crucial for the world to commemorate the deaths of the Munich 11 because we can't allow the bastards to get away with it no matter how many advocates they have masquerading as journalists in supposedly respected newspapers.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the holocaust denial coming from Ahmedinejad.

Pollard seems to have a blank about that as well.