Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have just finished reading a remarkable book by geopolitical experts Dan Senor and Saul Singer entitled "Start-Up Nation". The book describes how a country of 7.1 million people, surrounded by hostile neighbours, many of them bent on its destruction has been able to rise above the adversity to foster a unique combination of innovative and entrepreneurial intensity.

The discovery of vast quantities of off shore natural gas and the potential of its shale oil reserves will only serve to strengthen the Jewish State while many other nation states are drowning in deep seas of debt.

Against this backdrop, it's an absolute tragedy that the leadership of the Palestinian people are so fueled by blind hatred of their Israeli neighbours that they are unwilling to accept them for what they are and to sit down and make peace for themselves and, more importantly, for their future generations.

Moreover, they have fallen into the traps set for them by the world's extremists of the hard right and the hard left who are so obsessed with the idea of a Jewish State that they need to sink in their own sewers of outrage per medium of the BDS, the flotillas, the flytillas and other assorted meshuganeh pursuits.

One observer, a Mr. Sultan Knish, has come up with a brilliant way in which the start-up nation can boost its tourism industry even further by taking advantage of these outraged protesters who have oodles of money to spend on indulging their hatreds and prefer to do so rather than to spend it on truly poor and needy people wherever they are on the face of this earth - Outraged Protest Tours - The Tourism Package for Leftists Who Hate Israel.

Knish believes that this is the way to deal with the great unwashed and outraged whose mission it is to intrude into the country with the sole purpose of deligitimising the state and dehumanising the population:
Rather than profiling them and giving them the heave ho at the airport, why not develop special tourism packages catering to their needs. Happily one company, Outraged Protest Tours is already on it.

By the first quarter of 2012, Outraged Protest Tours expects to be able to offer angry entitled brats a choice of three tour packages in Israel.
Love your work Mr. Knish!

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