Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Here they go again.

Now the flotillistas have come out with another unsubstantiated allegation as to the troubles their mission is facing - 'Israel taking advantage of Greece's economic situation'.

A Canadian ship involved in the flotilla, the Tahrir was stopped on Monday, five kilometers from its anchoring point by the Greek coast guard fifteen minutes after it departed. The ship had contravened the Greek government's ban on flotilla ships setting sail to Gaza from ports in Greece and was towed back to Cyprus.
Jewish-Canadian Dylan Kenner told Army Radio that Greece is operating in Israel's favor as a result of economic pressure Jerusalem placed on Athens due to the current financial crisis in the country.
Kenner has no authority on which to base the allegation. It's simply not true. He made it up.

The Fairfax media in Australia has had a week of embarrassment over the flotilla and other related issues. It remains to be seen whether Jason Koutsoukis will file a story based on this latest piece of flotilla fiction.

The rest of the world is getting thoroughly sick of the whining and moaning about Israel by extremist Palestinians and their supporters whose unwillingness to accept that the conflict can only be solved by sitting down face to face with the Israelis to negotiate a settlement based on a two state solution.

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Sick of hearing about the Palestinians, lets move on...