Saturday, July 02, 2011


Sage words from A Soldier's Mother to Hedy Epstein, one of the Hamas groupies on the racist flotilla to Gaza.

Epstein styles herself as a "survivor" which she is not. Her parents managed to get her out of Germany to freedom in England where she lived during the war years and somewhere in between then and now she morphed into one of them.

This is what A Soldier's Mother has to say to her:
Your participation, in the flotilla brings shame to you and worse is a betrayal of your family, those that died in Auschwitz. It is hard to comprehend how distorted your view of life, of Judaism, and of Israel must be to bring you to the point that you sail against your own people. Yes, you’ll say you sail for human rights, for humanity and some such nonsense but last year’s flotilla – and very likely this one, displayed the worst of humanity.

Hat tip: Elderof ziyon

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Anonymous said...

Could this woman be described as a classic 'Self Hating Jew''

There are others similar to her who are just happen to be born Jewish but have no connection their Jewish heritage but use the fact they they are Jewish as a tool to support the islamists, Fascists and anti- Semites.