Friday, July 01, 2011


Blogger Dan on RWDB exposes a report in Sydney Morning Herald's 'Media' column as a lie.

It was reported by Damien Murphy and/or Lenny Ann Low in Under Observation as follows


The bitter comic Austen Tayshus made a bit of a goose of himself on the ABC's Q&A recently, by talking over everybody unfortunate enough to have shared the rostrum with him. He even monstered the Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, challenging her to go public about her Jewish roots, but the link is on her father's side of the family and Rhiannon does not identify as Jewish. So, it will be interesting to see how the comic's way of speaking over everyone fares on Tuesday at the Sydney Institute, where he will be up against his mother, the well known Sydney Jewish community leader Margaret Gutman. The comic will drop the alter ego for the occasion and appear as himself, Sandy Gutman. Hope Mother brings some chicken soup to help calm her boy down.

It's clear that the authors failed to place the relevant episode of Q&A under their own observation because what they claim happened on the programme simply isn't true. It didn't happen that way and the transcript proves it.

For the record, Sandy Gutman did monster Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon as a hypocrite on her stand about BDS and his criticism was totally legitimate. She did splutter her way through her response but what the hell, she's now in Parliament with the big boys and girls. What's wrong with a politician thaving to answer the hard questions?

Indeed, what's wrong with so-called journalists doing some fact checking when the anti-Israel crowd make allegations? The comments attributed to Gutman were not aired on the Q&A programme which makes this truly black comedy simply another example of blatant falsehoods used against Israel and the Jewish people which foster anti-Semitism.

The SMH should be truly ashamed for publishing such garbage and a retraction at least is required.

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Anonymous said...

Retraction from the SMH - ha, ha another black comedy.

Got the word from the horse's mouth and aired it together with the sickening racist stereotype about chicken soup. Gutman should sue.

No joke!