Tuesday, July 05, 2011


At last, Fairfax Jerusalem Bureau correspondent Jason Koutsoukis, has come out and informed readers that claims by Free Gaza that Israel sabotaged some of their their boats are untrue - Sabotage row: flotilla organisers 'living in a James Bond movie'(Age) and Setbacks fail to warn off Gaza blockade protesters(SMH).

The conclusion that claims made by flotilla liars were baseless came not from any scepticism about the porkies they habitually tell the media (often swallowed without the necessity of providing any proof), but rather, because of common sense fact checking from an unusual source. It took an investigation by Turkish police to expose these lies. Flat out denials by Israeli authorities of allegations made by the flotilla phonies without the slightest shred of evidence are never convincing enough.

Turkish newspapers have reported that an investigation by Turkish police concluded any mechanical problems on board the Irish vessel occurred before the ship entered Turkish waters and was most likely not intentional.
Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Yigal Palmor, says that flotilla organisers "must be living in a James Bond movie," but one suspects there are more disturbing factors at work as this Jerusalem Post Op Ed writer suggests of the Irish connection to the story - The Irish don’t mean it, because they can’t understand it.


Blogger Challah Hu Akbar has received the following email from a correspondent:

If you look at the underwater video (and some of the above water clips) you can clearly see remnants of paint in the gouges in the vessel's shafts. The same paint that covers the rest of the shafts.

Now, either the Israelis have found a way to paint vessels underwater or the damage (most probably a grounding of some sort) occurred prior to the vessel's last haul out (when the bottom and shafts were painted).

Also, the claim that this damage would have been unnoticeable and that the ship might have sunk at sea is hogwash! The minute this shaft was engaged it would have caused massive vibrations in the engine. No self respecting skipper would have left port with such vibrations!
The phony flotilla paranoia continues to plumb the depths.

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