Saturday, July 16, 2011


In response to reports of the visit of Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and MP Michael Danby to a Max Brenner shop in response to the recent Nazi style thuggery of BDS activists in Melbourne, this letter appears in today's Melbourne Age:

No place for hate

BY PATRONISING a Max Brenner cafe, Kevin Rudd has rightly demonstrated his opposition to the boycott of Jewish/Israeli-owned stores (''Citizen Rudd's sweet support for cafe chain'', 15/07). The sight of angry protesters yelling their hate-filled invective outside Jewish businesses is reminiscent of the thuggish Nazi boycotts of the 1930s and has no place in democratic Australia.
Merv Morris,  East St Kilda

Apologists will no doubt respond using the standard apologetic response for the behavior of the thugs who abused patrons of the chocolate shop and police that they were protesting Israeli policies, not Jews as such and they will no doubt come up with a Jew of convenience who supports this thuggery. The problem for them is that BDS founder Omar Barghouti (a hypocrite who doesn't practice the boycott he preaches) has outlined the movement's fundamental aim of bringing an end to Israel and thus the Jewish right to self-determination by flooding it with descendants of Palestinian refugees. The aim is to achieve this by force and against the will of the Israeli people.

The demonstrators outside Max Brenner's establishment made no secret of this aim when they chanted, "Israel will be free from the river to the sea." That's a not so subtle code for, "we want to destroy the Jewish State." Call it whatever you want. We know what these people are and Mr. Morris' letter concisely makes the point.


Shirl in Oz said...

I wonder if these so-called 'protestors' even know what they are against, to be quite honest with you.

I went to the 2nd one at Parramatta, at the Max Brenner shop.

I hate to say this, but it was rather funny. Half these young children, it was very obvious, didn't have a clue. They have been asked to join and being young and innocent followed for fun. I am sure of that.

One young lady was having a rollicking good time. Laughing, joking, jumping up & down and waving her arms in the air.

After the protest [ call it what you will] I watched the video of the first ‘event’ at which there were no more than 50 people. There was an older woman with a loud hailer actually instructing these ‘children’ what to do.

A great deal of it was to be ‘in your face’, as I discovered from a couple of French Jewish students, who are here studying for a year. They travelled on the train with a number of these protesters, mainly Muslims.

As the train neared Parramatta, a few Muslim young ladies donned hijabs “To get in their faces” Charming !!!!

There were a number of ordinary folk against this screaming rat-bag mob, but what was amazing was the way the Christian Zionists walked the length of the protestors, literally rubbing the Israeli flag in their faces. I think even if there hadn’t been a huge police presence , these very courageous people would have still done the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should be boycotting and demonstrating outside all the Kebab shops?