Monday, July 04, 2011


The letters editor of Fairfax actually allowed this piece of racism to see the light of day in today's Sydney Morning Herald:-

Think again

The wise and timely essay by Samantha Selinger-Morris (''Old hatreds in a new medium'', July 2-3) raises an issue that should make Jewish community leaders in Australia rethink their attitudes to the growth of anti-Semitism.

Tragically this upsurge of racism is attributable directly to the perceived suffering the Israeli government has imposed on the Palestinian people. 

The current Israeli government is more responsible for the spread of anti-Semitism worldwide than any ratbag racist groups waving symbols of Germany in the 1930s.

To Jewish leaders in Australia, Israel can do no wrong. They have closed minds to the damage being done to the image of Jews internationally by the intransigent attitude of Netanyahu and his extremist supporters.
Intellectuals, including many more thoughtful and perceptive Jews, realise this dilemma. They should be listened to rather than dismissed as anti-Semitic.

Vincent Matthews Forestville
If the author of this piece is anything, he is a ratbag waving the same symbol of Germany in the 1930s as the Fuehrer. Lies were told about the Jewish people in much the same way as they are told in parts of the media today. Stories of Judenhaas  both in the West Bank by the PA and in Gaza by Hamas are routinely suppressed by parts of the media that support the Palestinian cause. Tell your readers, Mr. Editor about the Hamas Charter which calls for genocide against Jews and for the destruction of Israel. Of course, the obsessive anti-Israel letter writer would tell you the Jews shouldn't resist that, just as six million of them were slaughtered they brought it on themselves.

Shame Mr. Fairfax Editor that you didn't follow the advice of the letter's heading before publishing Think Again.

But then, I think again and I look back at what was written here yesterday about how Fairfax lionises the haters who organise flotillas to facilitate the movement of weapons for the purpose of furthering that Covenant and murdering Israeli children and I realise that you couldn't help yourself. You couldn't resist.


Peter D Rogers said...

Substitute anti Semitism with Islamophibia or with any form of hatred against any people other than the Jews and then ask yourself if such a letter would ever seen the light of day.

I think not.

Today is a day of absolute shame for Fairfax.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that Fairfax have one Palestinian activist and one Muslim community spokesperson on their staff at al' age in Melbourne.

Ruth Green said...

What a vile excuse for a human being.

The Jews poison the wells.

Matthew believes it.

The Jews deserve the antiSemitism that flows from that belief.

I am stunned that even the SMH published such bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Hate Speech, pure and simple. It wouldn't be tolerated in a newspaper for any other race, religion or creed.

Anonymous said...

Only Muslims are not allowed to be vilified. Jews are an easy target because they only respond by letters to the Editor or turning the other Cheek ,this mainly.
Newspapers dare not allow such vilification and incitement of hatred towards Muslims as they know full well what the repercussions would be.


Anonymous said...


Herschel said...

Vince Matthews has discovered a sure fire way to get a letter published in the Jew obsessed SMH. Just write an obsessive letter about the Jews.