Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oliver Worth explains the perverse pathology and the worst in Israeli bashing anti Semitism in WHEN GOOD DEEDS ARE WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING.
While most of the mainstream American and British news networks reported extensively on Israel's reaction to Haiti's devastating earthquake, unfortunately we were also reminded just how entrenched some of the world's hatred for the Jewish state really is.
Not surprisingly, one of the offenders is Britain's Guardian which ran an Op Ed entitled "Israel's double standards over Haiti". It really took a measure of mean-spiritedness and from the writer of this piece of drivel to come up with an article that Seth Freeman's article not only reeks of bias but also stinks of hatred. Wherefrom comes this notion that Israel has an obligation to do more for the people who voted in a government that wants to commit genocide against its citizens?

Enough of these idiots who forget or suppress the facts. Had they been alive and writing in 1942, they would surely have accused the Jews of Warsaw of aggression against the Nazis!

Kol Hakavod to correspondent endofdays who reminded the author of this piece of drek to:
Ask why Gaza is blockaded? Ask why when Israel sought peace with Gazan's, decamped completely in 2005 they were met with an increase in rocket and terror attacks.

You also forget to mention that whenever Israel tries to send aid through one of the secure checkpoints the convoys get shot at by HAMAS terrorists.

You forget to mention the attack on the Natantz oil refinery by Palestinian terrorists. It is this refinery that provides oil for Gaza's power station.

There really is only so much 'aid' and 'assistance' you can provide your neighbour when your neighbour's only desire is your death.
Ditto the correspondent who suggested that he concentrate on:
bringing to the attention of interested CIF readers those worthy Palestinian and Israeli initiatives and stories that don't reach the mainstream media, and/or presenting the various coexistence ventures on behalf of Israelis and Palestinians who really are interested in a peaceful future for the region, instead of jumping on the bandwagons -which departed several days ago- of Haaretz, CNN and the "We Love/Hate Israel" masses on Facebook?
And the Melbourne Age occasionally publishes syndicated news and Op Eds from the Guardian. No surprise there.

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