Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Vex News highlights the latest plot by Melbourne's small band of Israel bashing activists to bring attention to their cause by disrupting the Australian Open titles in which Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe'er is competing today - LADY GA-GA KARKAR: Palestinian group plots Australian Open disruption.

The latest stunt is typical of the depths to which the inappropriately named lobby group Australians for Palestine is involved. There is very little focus on things Palestinian when it comes to AFP - it does little if anything to foster Palestinian history, geography or culture.

Rather, it's all about demonising another State and its people - Israel and the Jews. Last year they organised the reading of Caryl Churchill's execrable and offensive eight minute play "Seven Jewish Children", a racist manifesto which accused Israel's defence of its innocent civilians against terrorist missiles from Gaza as being akin to the Nazi treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.

Anyone who doubts that Karkar and her group are involved in an activity that is anything but racist should consider the following:

There once was a website known as ZioPedia (now transmogrified into "Rebel News") which the Australian Anti-Defamation League (ADL) described as “highly anti Semitic”. Haaretz described it as “virulently anti Semitic” and even Google described it as “racially intolerant”. ADL New York said it is “a well-known forum for anti-Semitic views.” Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben
endorsed the site as did Sonja Karkar who was quoted on ZioPedia as follows:

“… very well done and a great resource”.

So how does Karkar defend herself against charges that she is an anti Semite?

"Standing up for Palestinian human rights is not anti-Semitic because the Palestinians are also a Semitic people."

This fraudulent defence went out with button up boots but if only it were true that she is "standing up for Palestinian human rights". What she and her AFP cohorts are doing is attempting to deligitimise and dehumanise Israel and her people and to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination.

And she's been doing it with the help of the lunitic extremes of politics - the left and the right.


Anonymous said...

... and just look at who Al Age got to report on the Ga Ga protest? Their most Ga Ga pro Pal reporter just to ensure that the result is an unbalanced piece of reporting - unlike the report from those two sports journo who actually took the trouble to interview some representatives of the Jewish community to get another side of the story?

BTW anyone know if Andra Jackson is related to that well known Israel basher Adrian Jackson?

Watson Feurst said...


Judging from Andra's photo and her facial features, I think the two Jacksons are brothers.


Anonymous said...

Reckon the lawyer married her because she resembles Suha Arafat. Is the lawyer worth $3 billion?

Wilbur Post said...

According to an Age article dated 18 May 2009 … Andra Jackson is the sister of Adrian Jackson, artistic director of the Stonnington Jazz Festival. …

What we don't know yet is whether that Adrian Jackson is THE anti Semite Adrian Jackson.

Anyone have any more info?

Anonymous said...

Rebel News is a virulent hate site. Karkar's endorsement of this disgraceful piece of junk says all it all. (Casey - Minnesota)

Anonymous said...

The bastardry continues -

The AFP stalkers continue their campaign of harassment against Shahar Pe'er. Their website is targetting her in the 3rd round match up against the tournament's fourth seed. No doubt they will win the hearts and minds of Australia's fair minded sports loving public. Not!

More bastardy from Australian Jewish Democratic Society member Sol Salbe who was good enough to provide his fellow travellers with an army photo of Shahar in uniform. So what? Most Israelis get called up for national service at 18 and most are proud to serve. I wonder if Salbe served in the IDF and, if so, would he like to get picketed at work?

In fact Sol - how does it feel collaborate with people who are in cahoots with Holocaust denier Torben? 


Anonymous said...

The Anti Zionist (a fascist political movement) and anti Israel (the apartheid Tel Aviv government) Adrian Jackson is not the Jazz bloke of the same name nor is he related to The Age journalist Andra Jackson nor the HSU's Kathy Jackson. Adrian and Jackson are common names.

Regards, Adrian Jackson