Friday, January 01, 2010


The Melbourne Herald Sun reports today in Pol Pot recognised to appease China that cabinet papers for 1979 now released after 30 years that Malcolm Fraser continued to recognise the murderous Pol Pot regime as the legitimate ruler of Cambodia for more than two years despite its gross violation of human rights.

The leopard in this case has failed to change its spots. These days, Fraser goes around arguing that the world should open relations with Hamas despite its professed and open policy aims of destroying Israel and killing Jews.

What an arrogant pathetic excuse for a humn being.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the 400 year history of deception and lies behind the mob responsible for all of the heinous crimes against humanity, the Zionist world bankers i.e.Rothschild's before you get too uppity about poor little Israel. Then look into the ethnicity of Marx, Engels, Trotsky and the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt school, that has successfully crippled western democracy's in the pursuit of a Zionist led U.N. one world (Zionist) government.