Friday, January 22, 2010


Photo: Evil Zionist doctors harvesting the organs from an unwitting Haitian earthquake victim

If you do not have a sense of humour, please do not read Stephanie Guttman's brilliant satirical piece - Israel builds a field hospital Anti Zionists not fooled.

Apart from being very funny, Guttman highlights perfectly the stupidity of some parts of the media as well as the baying rat pack of Israel haters which this week's failed boycott of Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe'er by pro Palestinian groups is but one example.

As I read it, I can close my eyes and imagine this coming from the Independent, the Guardian or even our own local broadsheet (and I don't mean the Oz). Of course, "journos" like that McCarthy fellow at the Guardian would be deadly serious. That's the difference between being funny and being a psychopath with an agenda.

Footnote: Get a load of the comments section. It's nearly as funny as the original article. It also strikes me that when you read the comments section on topics relating to the Israel/Arab conflict in places like the Guardian or the Age, these are mostly unfunny and full of the blabberings of psychopaths too.

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