Saturday, January 16, 2010

A pause for a comment on improving workplace safety ... Martyrdom of

Picture: Future Palestinian worker modelling Hamas Work Cover gear.

According to Media Backspin "Gaza residents are enraged with Hamas because the terror group their democratically elected leaders have been placing powerful IEDs in densely populated areas 'far from the border with Israel.' Memri adds:

It was reported that this is infuriating the residents and sparking clashes between them and Hamas members.

We know Hamas has stored weapons in mosques, hospitals, residential buildings, even media buildings.

Will any enterprising reporters look into this new war crime, or will the MSM blame the inevitable collateral damage on Israel?"

Well, you take it from me that Jason Koutsoukis of the Melbourne Age won't be looking into this. Indeed, if you hear a peep from him on the subject in the next seven days, I'll donate $1,000.00 to his favourite charity, "Peace Now."

Of course an enterprising reporter might looking into this Hamas war crime might well discover that there's a correlation between what these terrorists are doing (to their own people) and the fact that lots of bombs have been going off in Gaza lately. But that would involve blaming someone other than the Jews for what's happening over there. Wouldn't it?

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