Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day upon which we remember the souls of those who perished during the Holocaust visited upon the victims of the evil Nazi Reich during the last century.

In addition to the millions killed - Jews, Gypsies, Black and Coloured people, Homosexuals and political opponents of the Nazi regime as well as Allied and German soldiers - many of those who survived lived to bear the scars and some do so to this very day.The remembrance is particularly apt in these times when Jews are falsely accused of unspeakable crimes which they did not commit. Just as the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion are invoked by Hamas and its various acolytes in the West, the hate Israel crowd is not averse to using Jewish victims of the Holocaust to peddle their destructive and racist cause against the Jews.

The recent propaganda circus march to Gaza headed by British MP George Galloway utilised some poor souls in this manner. Hedy Epstein claims to be a Holocaust survivor who opposes Zionism. In fact she spent 1939-45 in the relative safety of England where she arrived just before the start of World War Two. I doubt whether she spent those years under incarceration in the Tower of London but she certainly has no special right to be critical of the real survivors the great majority of those who remain alive to this day, fervently support the right of Israel to defend itself against the monsters Epstein has chosen to devote herself to in such a sad and sick manner.

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