Thursday, June 04, 2009


There is a weird pathology about Jew haters and Antony Loewenstein is a perfect example. Don't let the name or the circumstances of his birth put you off the track, the man lives to bash the Jewish people and the Jewish State. He is a hater of the most insidious kind and he lives every day just to heap invective upon and tell he most vile untruths about the only true democracy in the Middle East.

In an item on his blog, he opined: "Ever wondered why so many Jews and supporters of Israel seem so “concerned” about Darfur?"

I am indebted to the blogsite RWDB – J.F. Beck for uncovering the piece of racist tripe to which Loewenstein has linked and which accused Israel and the U.S. of inflating the Darfur death toll to create "humanitarian' cover" for "imperial ambitions to control Africa’s oil and other resources". In pursuit of this goal Jewish organisations have supposedly grossly overestimated the number of Darfur deaths, which, according to Loewenstein's link, amount to an insignificant "50 to 70 thousand".

Leaving aside the absurdity of Loewenstein and friends' conspiracy hypothesis, even if you accept the low end figure 50 to 70 thousand, it's hardly "insignificant" at about ten times the number of Palestinian deaths over the past nine years since Arafat launched his vicious second intifada against the Jewish State. The fact that Loewenstein has been obsessed for almost a decade about them suggests that he should be agreeing that the death toll is far more than just "insignificant". Either that or he doesn't really give a rat's arse about the victims of Arab slaughter just as long as he gets his daily rise from abusing Israel.

Take your pick.


Anonymous said...

This was posted tonight on another blog site by Loewesnteins Cousin In Israel ..............

Ron said
June 4, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Loewenstein’s comment about the Birthright participants not speaking to a genuine Palestinian is hilarious coming from him. In the 13 days that Loewenstein spent in Israel for his one and only visit, he spent almost all his time in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, thus speaking ONLY with Palestinians. No, I lie. He did speak with me when I hosted him over the weekend; that was when I discovered how little he knows about Israel, Jewish history and the Middle East.

Since then, he has shown no advance in his knowledge, but only in the prejudice and blinkered hatred he exhibits to anything Jewish. All this demonstrrates an embittered and lonely person, uncomfortable in the body he inhabits and the background he desperately tries to disown.

Sam said...

This would only be "weird" if it came from a normal person. From the disfunctional person that Loewenstein is, it is absolutely normal.

If you report on all his weird statements, you'll have no room for anything else plus you'll never get to sleep.