Tuesday, June 02, 2009


"IN the annals of daring intelligence operations both failed and successful, the Israeli Mossad stands alone", wrote Matthew Levitt in the Weekend Australian in opening his brilliant review of Fairfax journo Paul McGeough's book Kill Khalid: Mossad's Failed Hit and the Rise of Hamas -Hamas: hits and misses.

The interesting part of Levitt's review is that he encapsulates what I call "the blank pages mentality" that has become so prevalent in Fairfax journalism. What you don't want to say about your pet subject, you simply leave out. That's why readers of McGeogh "should not expect to read of these terrorist attacks in Killing Khalid".

The same as Ed O'Loughlin used to ignore or downplay Palestinian racism, incitement and violence against Israelis when he was Age bureau chief in Jerusalem, why his successor Jason Koutsoukis emphasised Israel's settlements and supposed objections to a two state solution as "stumbling blocks" to peace while ignoring the failure of the Palestinian Authority to take the first steps on the Road Map to Peace and the spectre of Hamas in this process and why the Age's Andra Jackson omitted the words "From the River to the Sea" in describing the chants of Palestinian supporters at a recent rally.

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