Friday, June 12, 2009


Elder of Ziyon always seems to have a knack for digging up these stories and 10,000-YEAR OLD CITY BLAMES ISRAEL FOR SEWAGE PROBLEMS is an absolute gem, albeit a little on the nose.

In keeping with the Palestinian tradition of blaming Israel and the Jews for their ills, the Mayor of the West Bank city of Jericho which falls under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction is claiming that it's Israel's fault that this 10,000 year old city doesn't have a working sewerage system.

"It is funny in 2009 that a historic city like Jericho lacks a sewage network. Israeli occupation played a major role in depriving Jericho along with several other Palestinian cities of many basic needs of modern life," says Ahmad Salih.

However, the good Elder has discovered that way back in 1995 an international aid effort saw millions pledged to establish sewerage systems in several cities under PA control and, while the United States came good with its contribution, several European and Persian Gulf nations are among the donors that did not make their payments. Hence, the citizens of Jericho still need to relieve themselves in holes in the ground, in cans or, if they're really wealthy, in a portaloo.

This has nothing whatever to do with Israel or the "occupation" but it suits the mayor to heap excrement on Israel in this instance, as one does in the Palestinian territories. Which proves true the old Arabic adage that if there's shit in the can, the whole room stinks.

As far as the $12 million pledge paid over by the U.S.A I would suggest that the Americans ask Mrs. Arafat for reimbursement. She has all the modern conveniences including bidet that she needs in her little villa in France.

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