Monday, June 29, 2009



4 months of campaigning and 100,000 pamphlets distributed

Melbourne’s Herald-Sun used our campaign word “DUMP” to headline the end of Connex operating Melbourne’s train system.

"In a major shock, both Connex and Yarra Trams were stripped of their contracts" in favour of the French group Keolis to run Melbourne’s trams and Hong Kong’s MTR to run the trains.

Thank you to all who believed it could happen and boycotted


Women for Palestine is one the organisations that have been pestering rail commuters with their stupid pamphlets calling for a boycott of Connex because of some sort of association that company had with Israel.

Above is a form of their press release entitled "Connex is dumped" in which the message they're trying to get across to the media is that they had something to do with the dumping.

The truth is that Connex was "dumped" because it failed to comply with the agreement it had with our state government in Victoria and had nothing whatsoever to do with Free Palestine unless these people are suggesting that their pamphleteers pestered the commuting public to such an extent that they caused the trains to constantly run late (they're stupid enough to believe this?). In any event, I suspect Connex is happy that the relationship is over and couldn't give a damn about a few unwashed clowns parading outside the underground sections connecting the railway to the streets of Melbourne.

It can however, be said without a shadow of doubt that most of the hundred thousand pamphlets got dumped - in bins around the Flinders Street railway station which is where they belonged. Sadly, the Greens aren't taking issue at the wanton destruction of trees by these idiots!

Like thousands of commuters who ignored their propaganda I did boycott Free Palestine (which really stands for "Free Palestine from the River to the Sea" as enunciated by their supporters at a recent rally).

I therefore accept their thanks.

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