Monday, June 08, 2009


The following is from the Age Online edition. As far as I'm aware, it's not contained in the print edition - Israel petition to Gillard

BRITISH actor Miriam Margolyes, OBE, is among prominent Jewish people, eminent Australians, leading academics and Green MPs who have signed a petition calling on deputy MP Julia Gillard to call off her planned trip to Israel.

The petition, which has more than 150 signatures, was initiated by Canberra-based academic Ned Curthoys, a research fellow in literature, history and Jewish studies at Australian National University.

Dr Curthoys, who is Jewish, said there had been "a seismic shift in public opinion in Australia about Israel constantly flying in the face of international opinion and breaching United Nations resolutions".
That's right!

The same Margoyles who whined and moaned like a stuck pig when a Jewish charity cancelled her appearance in front of elderly Holocaust survivors because of her involvement in the reading of a play that is nothing more than an exercise in Holocaust denial (comparing the Holocaust where millions died with the war in Gaza which was a three week conflict between Israel and a Hamas dedicated to genocide against Jews is without doubt, Holocaust denial in my view).

This sick lot must be think Julia Gillard is as much of a dummy as they are and they (especially Margoyles who claims to love the place) must also be very, very frightened about what she is going to see on her trip to Israel.

After all, those on the trip will get to see the real Israel and the real West Bank. Curthoys is obviously worried that when they get there, they will not find the fairytale land described in the Churchill play whih is a place that doesn't really exist except in the minds of those who love to hate and who want to see this particular conflict fester.

Those on the trip will also visit Sderot and see something else that was hidden in the Churchill play - the trauma caused to Jewish and Arab children by the indiscriminate Hamas rocket fire which started the last war in the first place and about which Churchill, Margoyles, Curthoys and friends might consider the following line as an appropriate piece of reality that was missed in the play.

Don't tell her they want to kill Jews.

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