Saturday, June 27, 2009


Christopher Hitchins makes the point in that the ayatollahs hold the British in just as much contempt as they do the Americans and the Jews - Persian Paranoia Iranian leaders will always believe Anglo-Saxons are plotting against them.

I have twice had the privilege of sitting, poorly shaved, on the floor and attending the Friday prayers that the Iranian theocracy sponsors each week on the campus of Tehran University. As everybody knows, this dreary, nasty ceremony is occasionally enlivened when the scrofulous preacher leads the crowd in a robotic chant of Marg Bar Amrika!—"Death to America!" As nobody will be surprised to learn, this is generally followed by a cry of Marg Bar Israel! And it's by no means unknown for the three-beat bleat of this two-minute hate to have yet a third version: Marg Bar Ingilis!

I reckon he's worng about their hatred of Jews. It transcends that of the Americans and the British. That's why the caffe latte set is yawning at the bloodshed on the streets of Tehran and brain dead letter writers from Brunswick continue to try in vain to beat up on Israel for defending its people against thugs financed, trained and armed by the very same ayatollahs.

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