Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's rare that one can praise the Melbourne Age but its reporting of the accolades given by Israel to Julia Gillard on her arrival in that country has been exemplary. The front page article by Jason Koutsoukis - Israel to Gillard: thanks for standing by us is something of a rarity for this newspaper. It highlights the Australian government's commitment to eradicating terrorism while, at the same time seeking to further the cause of peace and reconciliation between the Israeli and Palestinian people who have for so long been the victims of terrorism and extremism in the region.

Australians will be reading this article and noting its concluding paragraph - that "tomorrow Ms Gillard is scheduled to meet Palestinian Authority President Salam Fayyad. She will also visit a refugee camp in the West Bank." They will note that the visit organised by Australian Jewish groups is not hiding Ms. Gillard from anything and has organised her meeting with a major Palestinian leader and a visit to a refugee camp. Hopefully, she will also visit the new Hirbawi Home Center, a new shopping mall opened outside of Jenin which is a sign of the economic progress and normality that can happen if the fighting ends as has occurred in areas under PA control rather the warfare existing in Gaza under the control of the Hamas thogocracy.

This should please all except those who wanted Ms. Gillard to cancel her visit and prevent her from observing what was happening in the region. The fring coffee house set preferred her to visit only Gaza where the Hamas thugs, as with their patrons in Tehran, are in firm control of the population and constantly seek to undermine prospects for peace.


Anonymous said...

I imagine the letters to the Editor's in box would be in melt down after this Article appeard on the fron page of al' age.

I guess Al 'a ge staff writers Mughrabi and Ali must have choked on their breakfast kebab's also.

No doubt there will be the full page obligatory Op- ed by one of the Palestinian lobbyists Fraser, Tim Costello, some Mohameden Academic or the usual mob from Australians for Palestine to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

The Palestine Lobby managed to get a letter to the editor into the Age today alleging a "massacre" in the Gaza was of 08/9.

It seems that the self-censors over there are all too happy to erase suggestions of Palestinian thugs brutally attacking Iranians on the streets of Tehran but are unconcerned about allowing a lie of the magnitude contained in the letter from the Hamas supporter that was published today.

It's OK now. The lobby's been exposed. They can do what they want - their credibility has been stuffed.

Wilbur Post said...

The person whose letter was published in today's Age calls herself a Jew?


This person ignores the hundreds of rockets fired indiscriminately by Hamas and IJ at Israeli towns in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and then calls the defence of its people by retaliation against Hamas fighters as "massacre"?

Where's the yiddischkeit in that?

Forget the editors of the Age. We should know who the Jews are who support Hamas' genocidal aims against Jews around the world. Our thanks to the Palestine Lobby for printing her rancid utterances because we now know what she is.

Tumbling Weed said...

My brother sent a letter to the Age yesterday complimenting Julia Gillard on what she was doing on her visit and recognising her work towards achieving peace in the Middle East. You would think these cretins would at least publish a letter like that to provide some balance.

Snip = the censor strikes again.